Crisis Management

From minor accidents to major incidents

You will, almost certainly in the event of a crisis, have protocols and action plans in place. Whatever the incident such as pretty theft or even arson to terrorism, it is crucial to communicate to key staff, emergency services and key suppliers as soon as the incident happens.

Better, simpler and clearer communications in a crisis

In 2019, we developed a Crisis Management App for a leading London University group, after a previous paper-based system was deemed to be totally inadequate. Having to be reprinted at any personnel change or any update, also having serious security issues.

Crisis Management app


The Crisis Manager App is a proven effective communication tool in the event of a crisis. Quickly accessible through one's mobile phone – contactable through sms, phone and email.


Securely hosted and password protected and fully GDPR compliant. Can store and retrieve relevant compliance notices and paperwork.


A web-based app that is hosted remotely, where data is downloaded to a user's mobile phone instantly when online enabling speedy communication.


Easily updatable, safe and secure, always accessible. Works cross-platform on Android and iOS devices. Potentially works offline.

What Makes Us Different?

On your phone

Be in touch


Within Easy Reach


Designed to list important contacts by their name, title or department, with contact numbers in alphabetical order, GDPR compliant.

Transform the way you communicate in a crisis

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Crisis Management: Bespoke crisis manager app

A bespoke app built according to your needs in response to any potential crisis. Knowing the right contacts.